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If you're looking for coffee STOP- we don't have any!

We do have a magnificent tea selection from the best tea regions of the world. Enjoy discovering something new.

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                        Vanilla & Pandan panna cotta, sweet jackfruit, black sticky rice                         



                        Salted Chocolate brownie, local strawberries, chocolate soil, raspberry sorbet        


                        Tapioca pudding, passionfruit, kaffir lime, coconut



                        Layered terrine of seasonal sorbet, lychee, passionfruit and lime,

                         crunchy meringues & pink guava gel                                                                           








4.5 each

Black teas

Good Morning (English Breakfast)

From India this hearty flavoured English Breakfast style Assam blend is strong and golden. It's at its best taken with milk.

Earl Grey

From India this blend is flavoured and scented by the oils squeezed from the orange-like bergamot. Best enjoyed black, depending on strength.

Golden Monkey

Named as its leaves slightly resembling monkey paws, the Golden Monkey tea is described as frolicsome in taste.

Namring Upper

An unblended batch of single estate teas, carrying seasonal and regional flavours. Each 'Vintage' is unique.

Caslton (First Flush)

An unblended batch of single estate tea, carrying seasonal and regional flavours. Each 'Vintage' is unique.

White & Green teas

White Peony

White Peony has light, smooth, clean flavours and a delicate aroma


This Japanese-style green tea is purely Australian. It's all organic and is grown in North-Eastern Victoria. It displays crispy earthy flavours.

Oolong Teas

Iron Goddess

This partially oxidising oolong from the Fujian province of China displays mild earthy flavours with hits of caramel, wood & orchid.

Da hong pao

Also known as a rock oolong from China, this tea has bold sophisticated flavours.

Aged Teas


Created in secrecy by a collection of Yunnan tea masters, Puerh is one of the great tea experiences. No milk or sugar required, just enjoy its aromatic Amber flavours.

Herbal Infusions

Peppermint- Poland

Lemongrass & Ginger- Egypt & Nepal

Jasmine Pearls

Classic Chinese green tea, hand-picked and rolled to form 'pearls' then placed next to delicate Jasmine flowers to infuse with their sweet fragrance.


Indian black tea infused with spices, 'chai' directly translates to 'Tea' in Indian. Best taken with milk and honey.

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