Banquet for 2 people.

Coconut braised Kingfish Betal leaf, nam jim (2 pieces)

Korean Kimchi and Atlantic salmon tartare, rice crackers

Peking Duck leg, Chinese pancakes, green onion, hoi sin sauce

Spicy Korean chicken wings, 8 pieces

Prawn Hargow dumplings (6), house made chilli oil

Penang crusted beef short rib, braised with lemongrass, kaffir lime & coconut

Mushroom XO fried rice, spring onion and shitake

Laotian green papaya som tum salad, nouc cham dressing


Delivery Fee $12

Minimum order $130

The Grand Final Steam Sensation 8 courses

  • Will be delivered from 9am-4pm on Friday 23rd October

    Delivery Fee $12

    Minimum order $130