& JAPANESE WHISKY

Sake is a product made from natural ingredients of rice, yeast, water and koji. 

A magnificent accompaniment to Steam's modern asian fusion cuisine and with the right selection will truly enhance your dining experience.

NOTE: Steam Restaurant is a fully licensed venue, sorry BYO not available.


Distilled Japanese spirit usually made from sweet potato, barley, sugar or rice. It is higher in alcohol than sake and is often referred to as 'Japanese Vodka'. Strong yet delicate, shochu can be enjoyed neat, with water or over ice.

Tantakatan Shiso

premium shiso (Japanese basil) shochu


Kikaijima Kokuto

brown sugar shochu


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Umeshu & Liqueurs

Often referred to as Japanese plum wine, made from Ume fruit. Can be enjoyed as a desert wine or digestive.

Choya Umeshu (with plum)

served chilled world famous 'plum wine' from Osaka

GL. 60ml 12

Choya Uji Green Tea Umeshu

served over ice, refreshing and light in alcohol

GL. 60ml 11

You's Time Yuzu Liqueur

served chilled

GL. 60ml 10

Choya Kokuto Umeshu

Brown sugar and plum. Served Chilled

GL. 60ml 11

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Sake Flights......

Samurai Sake Flight - 4x50ml                              27

This sake flight features a range of sake from all over Japan.

A great introductory tasting flight sampling both sparkling and still sake. - Takara Miso sparkling sake (cold)  - Kizakura Yamahai-jikomi sake (room temp) - Nenohi Junmai no (room temp) - 'S' KIzakura Junmai Daigingo (cold)

Geisha Sake Flight- 4x50ml                               29

This sake flight features with wide variety of sake styles from all over Japan. Served Chilled, a great introductory tasting flight to broaden your knowledge. - KuniZakari Toraji no Uta - Kinmon X3 Rose, 'Red Rice' - Fukucho Junmai Ginjo - You's Time Yuzu Liqueur



                                                                   gls 150ml          BTL 300ml

Sparkling and Nigori

sparkling pure rice sake


Toraji no Uta Happou nigori ................      12                     32

sparkling unfiltered sake


Takara Mio Sparkling Sake................          14                    28


Yamahai jikomi (rich, smooth)           gls 150ml         BTL 500ml


Kizakura (warm or room temp)..............     12                      22

Junmai (rustic, smooth, pure rice) 

Nenohi Junmai no..............                           19                    40

smooth & dry, good acidic finish

Hourai Hida No Tanbo, Gifu .................      14                     27

full bodied, fruit driven, umami

Kinmon X3 Rose, Akita...........................      18                     65 

Red rice, balanced acidity, complex sweet & savory

medium bodied

Junmai Ginjo & Daigingo (fine & fragrant)

Imada Fukucho Junmai Ginjo, Hiroshima ....     22             54

Rare hattanso rice, true craft sake 'jizake'

"S" Kizakura Junami Daigingo, Kyoto, ............   18              65

Served chilled, fruity and silky

Dassai "45" Junmai Daigingo Yamaguchi.......   19              72

smooth Premium, medium bodied, pleasent acidity

Tokubetsu Junmai [Special]

Rihaku Shuzo Tokubetsu, Shimane.........          20              75  

this premium Junmai is a MUST try

well balanced, mild richness, soft dry finish

Yamada Shoten Mukashi No Manma, Gifu...   18             65

Meaning ' unchanged by time' in honour of there 

traditional practises. Earthy & Creamy texture


Japanese Whisky

Suntory Hibiki Harmony Blend                                                                 G. 30ml             $20


Suntory Yamazaki Reserve Single Malt                                                    G. 30ml             $19


Suntory Yamazaki 12 YO Single Malt                                                       G. 30ml             $26


Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt                                                                               G. 30ml             $18




















Japanese Whisky Flight – 4 x 15ml     $39

  • Suntory Hibiki  Harmony  Blend

  • Suntory Yamazaki Reserve  Single  Malt

  • Suntory Yamazaki 12YO Single  Malt

  • Nikka From The Barrel  Blend