Weekend Yum Cha Lunch

Chef's Selection Yum Cha Banquet
9 course experience

$55 per head

Choice of sashimi

Duck & XO spring rolls

Sweet corn and coriander fritters, chilli caramel

Pulled  pork bao buns, kimchi, soy mayo

Sechuan chicken dumplings

Ginger prawn dumplings

Prawn and chive dumplings

Korean chicken kara Age, kimchi  mayonnaise, cucumber pickle

Wok Seared Asian greens



Vego Yum Cha Banquet

$50 per head

Salted edamame 

Miso soup, green onion, wakame

Sweet corn & coriander fritters, chilli caramel

 Chinese style veg spring rolls

Crispy fried tofu, 7 Pepper, sake soy

 Vegetable dumplings 

Panko oyster mushroom bao's w' Japanese pickles & soy mayo 

 Miso roasted pumpkin, pickled enoki, silken tofu

 Vegetable gyoza, house made chilli oil 

Gluten friendly Yum Cha Banquet

$50 per head

Salted edamame

Miso soup, green onion, wakame

Choice of Sashimi

Twice cooked pork hock, 5 spice salt, black vinegar

Korean Kara Age chicken, kimchi mayo, cucumber pickle

G/F Prawn & chive dumpling

Squid, chilli salt, lime

G/F Sticky Prawn dumpling

G/F Scallop & prawn dumpling